Crew dress code and crew car

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Crew dress code and crew car

Post by jibujaman on Sun Dec 15, 2013 4:57 am

While you are free to follow any fashion style when terrorizing bikini girls at Vespucci beach or chilling with naked Altruist creeps in Blaine County, we highly recommend you to follow the crew dress code when you are on a job with us. This is for the sake of unity in the crew, or to avoid us shooting you down by mistaking the guy in shorts and tank top for an enemy. The dress code is as follows.

1. Mask: It has to be one of the grey skull mask or black skull mask. The skull mask is an integral part of the crew uniform. Because it hides the individual's identity as OOTE is a secret society after all and yet it expresses our crew identity as the black skull is also on our crew emblem.

2. Tops and pants: You can pick up any clothing item as along as they are classy and of these colors: black, white and silver. For example: white tank top and black shorts would not count as classy, but silver shirt with black vest and black suit pants would. See below for some images of classy outfit in black and white.

3. Shoes and accessories: Shoes should be black, white shoes are okay too for female characters. Accesories can be of any color.

The official crew car is the Dewbauchee Exemplar (metallic black color with the crew emblem on it). It's not a must for every member to possess one. But if you are a high rank member, we encourage you to have this car to cruise around with your squad.

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