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Code of conduct

Post by jibujaman on Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:37 am

Here is the general code of conduct the crew members are expected to follow.

1. Always uphold the roleplay objectives, teamwork and the friendly environment of the crew.
2. No killing is allowed inside the crew members unless permitted by the member to be killed him/herself. If any member has a bounty and s/he wishes to be protected, it is the duty of the other members to protect him/her from outside threats.
3. Any player outside of the crew should not be attacked unprovoked in free roam unless s/he has a bounty or is driving any high priority vehicle requested by Simeon. We do not want to have a bad reputation as an unfriendly crew. There are well-mannered players out there who just want to mind their own business. If we also behave well towards them, they might be wanting to join the crew and come in handy in the long run. If you want to go on a rampage anyway, just roam around LS looking for possible troublemakers. I am sure you will find someone who clearly wants to learn some lesson about the proper use of firearms.
4. Always stick to the team plan, don't act on your own if in a coop job. Follow the orders of higher ranked crew members in the crew hierarchy. Failure to do so might result in disciplinary actions reflected on your crew rank.
5. Be a part of the team and try to follow the dress code to blend in.
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