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Rules of OOTE forum

Post by Dankgame on Wed Feb 19, 2014 12:15 pm

Sorry I'm not here as much but I will take my admin spot serious
   With that said please read and follow or your gonna have a bad time lol sorry for the South Park quote

These are the definitive rules of OOTE They are enforced in all forums globally.

There will be no posting of images/text/websites that are deemed to be pornographic, racist, homophobic, extreme violence, etc. THIS WILL GET YOU IMMEDIATELY BANNED FOR LIFE. Please use your common sense, if you don't think it's appropriate for a minor, don't post it.

Oote does not tolerate personal attacks/abuse on members or trolling.

If you are asking for help for anything  first use the SEARCH button. It is in the top navigation list at the top of the forum. You will likely find some information on there, and you can post to a current thread if need be. If you do post a thread, please give as much information as possible so we can help you.

Oote is an English speaking website, and whilst we happily accept users from around the world, please try to post in English language, otherwise chances are nobody will be able to help you. Please also try to type in full English, rather than txt speak lyk dis. Again, it makes you easier to understand.

Oote does not allow advertising of any kind without prior permission from a moderator or administrator. If you are advertising without permission your thread will be editing/deleted and you shall be warned/banned depending on what you posted.
What happens if these rules are broken?

Please do not double or triple post there is an edit button on your post use it and if no one responds please don't useless bump the thread some one will respond as soon as we  can we do have real lives people

There are numerous punishments for breaking the rules of this forum, these include:

* Your post may be edited
* A warning may be issued
* Your post may be deleted (for serious infringement)
* Temporary suspension from forums (for serious infringement)
* Permanent suspension and account deletion (for persistent and deliberate infringement)

These forums will be enforced by moderators but they can't see everything all of the time. If you see any of these rules being broken, please PM any mod or admin


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