The Crew: The Next-Generation Racing Game

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The Crew: The Next-Generation Racing Game

Post by GABSTER322 on Thu Feb 06, 2014 11:00 pm


At the moment,thousands of next-generation consoles are being purchased and sold and I know some of us have one. If you've played Need For Speed Most Wanted,Burnout: Paradise,and any other racing game,you should love this one. The Crew is the newest racing game made exclusively for next-generation consoles and PC's by one of the best creators: Ubisoft. The game was said to be released in early 2014. This game has been under development years before the next-generation consoles were revealed.

The gameplay in The Crew can be switched between a free drive mode, where the player can drive freely around and do anything they want without being limited by any boundaries or objectives, and a missions mode, where the player can take on missions given to them by criminal organizations all across America. Rewards to players will come in both cash and XP. The game also introduces boss fights to the racing genre, in which the player must ram the car of a major enemy, such as a gang kingpin, until it crashes. Ubisoft confirmed that the game will have no lobby system as all interactions with other players will take place in-game using a companion app. The options that have been confirmed are being able to chat with friends, forming and joining Crews and taking on missions requiring more than one player. As well, they have confirmed vehicle customization, which is described as being able to "strip down a car to the engine, and change individual engine performance parts".

The Crew takes place in the United States of America, which was confirmed by Ubisoft that the entirety of the country can be explored.
The various environments players can trek across consist of forests, mountains, deserts and cities.
Tuning Specs:
There are different tuning specs to be used in The Crew for different actions:
1. Full Stock: This is how the car comes out of the dealer lot. The car is a "blank canvas" for your future modifications.
2. Street: The car is upgraded with performance and aftermarket parts with enough grunt for day-to-day racing.
3. Dirt: Roll cage,rally headlights,uprated and softened suspension,high profile dirt tires on tough rims,newer models get upgraded with AWD transmission. Go tear up those backwoods!
4. Raid: Roll cage and crash cage,rally headlights,uprated and softened suspension,high profile dirt tires on steel rims,and a full bash guard kit including bullbars and skidplates. This spec is the "All purpose" kit.
5. Performance: Holes cut here and there,roll cage,aerodynamic spoiler,low profile race tires on lightweight rims,and engine tuning. This machine's built to compete.
6. Circuit: Aero race kit,low profile slicks on super light and super wide rims,interior stripped out,roll cage,racing seats,and pro engine tuning. This car is NOT road legal.

The Crew Trailer:

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